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<Stand-alone ExtendedHand  Ver.2.40>

for Windows 8.1

※If you use this application in Windows 10,it is often alerted on display's driver.

Stand-alone ExtendedHand Ver.2.40
for Tablet-based manipulation of the virtual hand
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 15.9 MB

[Important] This application software is released for "Open-Innovation" on researches in our lab. On this software, download, security-check and execution are at your own risk. We are not liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting from executing the software in this page. In addition, in different environments or versions of specification, unintentional behavior or non-working can be done, because we used a few computers for operation check. Please don't use this software until you can agree with our statement. 


  1. Connect your tablet-device (Windows 8.1) to a projector and set the property of screen to "Mirroring".  When you try to check the motion of the virtual hand simply, you not need to connect it to a projector.
  2. Hide the Windows Taskbar in the lower of the screen.  

About execution environment

  1. When you can't start this application software because you have not installed the environment about "Visual Studio" before, please install the needed package in "vcredist_installer" folder.

How to use

  1. Unzip the download folder and click "ExtendedHand.bat" to start this application. In this application, the virtual hand image and background are displayed in full screen.
  2. Touch and sliding on the screen for manipulating the virtual hand.
  3. Click the left-bottom menu button (gear icon), and click "App Exit" to quit this application.


  1. If the menu button isn't displayed, the windows for the button can be hidden. In that case, please change the window by pushing the "Alt+Tab". When your device has no keyboard, quit the application, and restart it. Or, click the space where the button is in.
  2. If you can't quit this application even though you touch the screen, please quit this application through the "Windows Task Manager" or change the windows (push "Alt+Tab"), close the all windows related to this application ("MultiTouch" and "ExtendedHand").
  3. If the virtual hand isn't moved, rendering of graphics can be stopped for long-time working. In that case, please touch the menu button and quit it. 

The following movie is for how to use. Sorry for the Japanese text.

This application software uses Windows Standard DLL and glut32.dll (OpenGL). We made the virtual hands in this application based on the free 3D model in "Noborizaka Ittyoume" (Website). We use "Metasequoia" for Processing the 3D models. We would like to express our gratitude to following sites.